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Whatever is written in this blog
is an outcome of fantasy put to
words, it is nothing but lies
but then again I just lied.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Till The End

I’ll never let you down
Nor turn your smile to frown,
I’ll always care for you
And do everything for you.
I promise to treat you right
And do my best not to fight,
I’ll be the best friend I can be
I’ll stand by you, you’ll see.

I’ll listen to you when you talk
Even if there’s a mile to walk,
If sometimes people mock
I’ll be by your side like a rock.
A lifelong bond –you and me
Forever it will be,
For this friendship like ours
Is not to be measured by hours.

They say love is only a chatter
But friends are all the matter,
Dear friend, when you are near
All the joys of this world appear.
You add spice to my life
The only support in any strife,
Nothing can compare to you, my friend
And I hope you’ll stay till the end.